Alers & De Bruyn - filling the void

Alers & De Bruyn is an artist duo founded in 2015. Natasja Alers and Marie de Bruyn met at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where they specialized in ceramics and glass respectively. They graduated in 2012. Both artists take their material as a starting point: Alers, who is inspired by human forms and mutations, contrasts her ceramic sculptures with metal constructions, while De Bruyn creates spaces determined by minimalist glass shapes set against wooden frameworks and painted surfaces.

As an artist duo Alers and De Bruyn combine their skills and approaches to create work with a strong physical presence, inspired by the overwhelming outside world. The artists question our relation to the body and take a critical stance towards modern-day society.

Alers & De Bruyn presented their first installation ‘Filling the Void’. The visitor is drawn into a miniature landscape of transparent blown glass, a shining world of light, sound and movement representing both personal memories and experiences of the artists and their impression of the chaotic and overwhelming world around them. The visitor is tempted to step into this glass world to see and experience the world through the eyes of the artists.